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This Backdraft Roadster is not a kit built in someone's garage , it is a hand crafted replica of the famous 1960s European open top roadster with a very powerful American V8 that ruled the road in 1965 and still does today. This hand laid fiberglass car is built to perfection under very tight quality control at the plant in South Africa. Here, with A Backdraft Roadster you have that classic style with modern performance and upgrades. With this winning combination, you have a car that has both stunning looks and performance that will make any muscle car collector jealous! This recreation has a 418 High Performance Motor With 505 H.P. and A five Speed transmission with power comfort and safety and still maintains legendary looks.

Body: The body is constructed from hand-laid fiberglass and all the hanging components are double skinned.

Frame: The frame is built using 2x4 boxed steel as the core. It is strategically reinforced in high stress areas with laser cut brackets. The frame also features a crumple zone which is designed to break in the event of a front impact.

Suspension: The car also utilizes a full independent suspension. The front uses a cast lower wish bone with an adjustable coil over strut. The car comes standard with rack and pinion steering. The rear suspension is a multi link with an adjustable ride height. This adjustability allows the driver to tune the car to suit his driving needs. The car also comes equipped with power disc brakes on all weeks.

Interior: The car comes fully carpeted with overlay floor mats as a standard option. The interior has been designed to accommodate a taller driver. The car uses electronic Autometer gauges for instrumentation.

General: The car is supplied standard with polished stainless steel side pipes. The wheels are a "halibrand" style wheel and they come standard in 15 inch. The drivers roll bar is bolted to the frame and comes standard in polished stainless steel.

Body Style: 2 dr Roadster, Wheel Base: 92", Front Rack: 6.5", Ground Clearance: Adjustable, Fuel Tank: 19 Gallons.